Looking For A Courier Company – Price or Quality?

When finding a Singapore courier company to partner with for your deliveries, should you look at price or quality first?

Here are the things you may need to consider when making this decision:

  • What do you need a courier company for? Reasons that people and companies engage courier services in Singapore vary greatly, and those reasons should lead you to a different conclusion.
  • E-commerce business owners: If you are looking to distribute your E-commerce products, the delivery timeframe is usually over several days after the person has placed the order, therefore, there is no need for same day delivery and you can go for a cheaper option. If you want a company which is suitable for E-commerce business owners, check out Ninja Van.
  • Corporate offices: If you need to engage a Singapore courier to help you with your document deliveries islandwide in Singapore to the bank and other companies on a daily basis, you will need to engage a reliable and local courier first and foremost. The courier will be dealing with highly sensitive documents and highly valuable contracts, and you certainly want them to always reach the right recipient, and on time. There is zero room for error. If you want a company that is suitable for corporate offices, check out PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/)

As you can possibly tell already, there is no one size fits all answer. That is also why there are many logistics companies in Singapore catering to different niches in the industry.


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Should You Hire Deliverymen or Engage Courier Services?

As a business manager in the busy business environment in Singapore, you must have had your fair share of decisions to make, and hiring deliverymen would probably be one of them as well.

With that said, I offer you another alternative – to engage local Singapore courier services instead of hiring an in house deliveryman.

  • When you engage courier services whenever you need them, you will not need to worry about mundane issues like leave schedule, salary payments for the deliverymen e.t.c. All these worrying will instead be pushed to the local courier company in Singapore, and you only receive the benefits without any of the (mental) costs.
  • It is actually much cheaper to engage courier services in Singapore than it is to allocate your company’s budget to hiring a deliveryman instead. This is especially the case if your company’s delivery volume fluctuates drastically from month to month. You would be saving a lot of money on the months that you deliver lower volumes, and even on the months with higher volume, you would still be saving money because courier companies in Singapore usually charge lower prices per item delivery if you have a higher volume for that particular month. You simply get the best of both worlds by engaging a courier company.
  • Your deliveryman may only be required to work on Mondays to Fridays. Therefore, if you have an urgent delivery required on a weekend, you may find it hard pressed to get your deliveryman to perform the service required. In such a situation, some courier companies like PCA Masters and Regent will still perform weekend courier services in Singapore. Since you’re already going to be engaging companies like PCA Masters for night or weekend deliveries, you may as well just engage them right from the start. Additionally, you still get the benefits that I have raised up in the previous two paragraphs.

With all that said, my conclusion for you is that you should engage courier services instead. Simply partner a good Singapore courier company eg

PCA Masters
Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
Call them at: 6681 5781

and you will be able to utilize and leverage their abilities to your company’s advantage too!

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Ways Couriers In Singapore Make Your Life More Convenient

Even though Singapore’s land size is small, if you have lived here for more than 2 or 3 years (which includes an overwhelming majority of the people in Singapore), you will notice that it may not be that cheap and fast to travel around Singapore.

If you want to get to another location fast, you would need to either drive or cab to that location. This applies to deliveries too. If you want to deliver item(s) to someone fast, driving or cabbing to the location can cost a lot. Taxis and cars in Singapore isn’t exactly a budget friendly option! Additionally, as there are many cars and few roads in Singapore, the roads can get congested very often as Singapore is a city. Therefore, even if you drove or cabbed to the location to deliver your goods, it may result in delays as well.

If you want to deliver your item(s) cheaply in Singapore yourself, you can take the public transport. However, it is often fully packed with people, and you would take a long time before you can reach your destination. This is because even though Singapore is a small place, there are tons of small roads and you would find that you need to change buses many times before you can reach a particular place. The only upside is that public transport in Singapore is cheap. However, with that cheap price, comes a very high price to pay – a long time to get your item(s) delivered.

Therefore, there are many private courier companies which provide convenient courier delivery in Singapore. In my opinion, they’re a god-sent gift to the people living or working in Singapore. They pick up the items from your place and get them delivered to the recipient. This means that you would not have to spend any time on the road travelling and wasting precious time in which you can be using to grow your business or simply relax with your friends and family.

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You should be more concerned about the logistics company’s operations

Many businesses outsource logistics services to the logistics companies in Singapore such as PCAMasters Pte Ltd. Some of the businesses do not know much about the logistics company’s operations even after the signing of the service agreement. They rely on the service agreement to ensure that all aspects of the logistics services will be carried out smoothly. The common thinking is that the logistics company will be pressured by the stringent logistical service agreement, and forced to perform satisfactory logistics service. Failure to meet the service standards as specified in the service agreement will result in penalty for the logistics company.

However, we think that businesses should be more concerned about the logistics company’s operations. In fact, businesses should research in depth about the logistics company and how it operates before they sign the logistical service agreement with the logistics company in Singapore.

It will be better to avoid issues rather than to look for solutions when issues arise. When the logistics company cannot fulfill the logistical needs as specified in the service agreement, it will affect your company operations too. You may suffer some intangible consequences such as impact of reputation. These are the things that are difficult to put a figure on, and hence claim in legal cases.

Some of the things to take note about the logistics company are its company size, duration of company operations, and its operations. These will give you hints on whether the logistics company will be reliable to perform the logistics services which will suit your company’s requirements. A larger company with a longer company history is generally more reliable. Moreover, knowing the logistics company’s operations such as the type of vehicles used and whether they are adopting the use of machinery will give you insights on whether they are able to fulfill your requirements. For example, if the logistics company’s fleet of vehicles is all lorries, it may not be suitable to transport light-sensitive, temperature-sensitive or fragile materials. Different logistics companies will be able to meet different customers’ needs. You will have to judge by yourselves whether they will really be able to meet your logistical needs.

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Are you suited for a career in logistics?

A career in the logistics industry is not for everyone. Everyone will have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is vital that their strengths complement the job requirements. Everyone will definitely be able to excel in some jobs but not the others. Therefore, consider the following points if you want to evaluate whether you are cut out for a career in logistics.

Firstly, determine the job position in the logistics industry. Are you looking for delivery jobs in Singapore? Or perhaps you are looking for an administrative position in the logistics industry? Otherwise, you may be looking at a logistics operations supervisor role? Different roles will require different skill sets. For instance, you will need to be physically fit to be able to manage the daily deliveries around Singapore as a delivery driver and mover. On the other hand, if you are a logistics operations supervisor, you will need to be analytical and meticulous so that you will be able to streamline the operation processes and manage the day-to-day operations well.

Secondly, are you a person who likes routine work or likes a more fast-paced and challenging work environment. The logistics industry is fast-paced. Some people may think that being a delivery driver is boring due to the routine deliveries. That is not true. Incidents will happen everyday. For example, traffic conditions or last minute instructions from the customers will make everyday feel different and entertaining. If you are satisfied with routine work life, then delivery jobs are not for you.

Thirdly, will you be satisfied with the stable but average income working in the logistics industry. Unlike other industries such as Finance or Real Estate, working in the logistics industry gives you a more average payout. You cannot expect your salaries to be as much as bankers for instance. However, your rice bowl will be rather solid and stable. If you think that you will not be satisfied working in the logistics industry, then you should consider the other industries.

Consider my three points above carefully to find out whether you are cut out for the logistics industry. A career choice is an important decision.

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Types of couriers in Singapore

There are several different types of delivery companies in Singapore, and even among each type, there are some which specializes in a very niche type of delivery services in Singapore.

Firstly, there are companies which deal with postal deliveries. However, the most famous of which is SingPost, which is also the state postal services company in Singapore. They deal with regular letter and postal deliveries.

Secondly, there are companies which provide logistics support. Usually, these are private or public companies which offer warehousing as well as transportation of goods using heavy vehicles. If you need to move pianos, furniture, and anything heavy, these are the companies you go to as they own large trucks and specialize in such deliveries.

Thirdly, there are private or public courier companies. These are either locally owned such as Regent and Network Courier or they can be international public companies like Fedex and DHL. I like this group of companies the most because there are so many sub-divisions and operations within this niche.

Within the courier companies, there are those which specialize in international freight and delivery services like the most famous Fedex. These are companies which bring in goods from overseas into Singapore and deliver it to their customers. If you need something to be delivered cheaply overseas into Singapore, then such companies are your best choices.

Within courier companies, there are those which specialize in local deliveries in Singapore. Some of these companies like Regent provide mainly van delivery services only, while others like www.pcamasters.com are more versatile in that they offer delivery for both documents as well as parcels and are hence cheaper. (Companies in Singapore usually charge more if you use a van to get your item(s) delivered.)

Singapore has many different types of logistics companies, and therefore, you should look for the right type of delivery company and not blindly attach yourself to the first one you see. Make sure that the services they offer best suits your requirements.

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Making E-Commerce Deliveries In Singapore

If you own an E-commerce website or business in Singapore, you might have asked yourself this question many times before. Should you engage your own deliverymen or should you simply outsource your goods distribution and package delivery service in Singapore instead?

You probably need some external help with this question and I’m here to give you some qualified advice on this issue for E-commerce distribution managers.

As a manager or business owner, your most important resource is time. When you want to engage your own deliveryman or deliver your packages yourself, what you’re essentially wasting is your own time. This is because if you were to engage an in house deliveryman, you would need to be monitoring his or her performance, leave schedules, any sudden medical leaves e.t.c. There are too many unnecessary and mundane issues for you as a business owner and manager to take care of on a daily basis if you were to hire your own deliveryman employee. If you were to deliver the goods yourself, you would not be able to scale your business nor take care of other aspects of your business such as customer service support or marketing effectively. You would have wasted and burnt too much time on the roads driving around and delivering goods.

You want to work on your business, not work in your business as much as humanly possible. The best way to do so is to actually outsource your package deliveries in Singapore.

When you outsource your E-commerce package deliveries and distribution to a dependable courier company, you’re essentially offloading all the hassles that you would face had you engaged your own deliveryman or delivered the goods yourself while still maintaining the ability and time to focus on scaling your business. Additionally, it would be much cheaper to engage a courier company for your E-commerce distribution in Singapore, as vehicle leasing costs can be quite expensive in Singapore. Once again, all these costs are also minimal if you were to engage courier services.

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