Making E-Commerce Deliveries In Singapore

If you own an E-commerce website or business in Singapore, you might have asked yourself this question many times before. Should you engage your own deliverymen or should you simply outsource your goods distribution and package delivery service in Singapore instead?

You probably need some external help with this question and I’m here to give you some qualified advice on this issue for E-commerce distribution managers.

As a manager or business owner, your most important resource is time. When you want to engage your own deliveryman or deliver your packages yourself, what you’re essentially wasting is your own time. This is because if you were to engage an in house deliveryman, you would need to be monitoring his or her performance, leave schedules, any sudden medical leaves e.t.c. There are too many unnecessary and mundane issues for you as a business owner and manager to take care of on a daily basis if you were to hire your own deliveryman employee. If you were to deliver the goods yourself, you would not be able to scale your business nor take care of other aspects of your business such as customer service support or marketing effectively. You would have wasted and burnt too much time on the roads driving around and delivering goods.

You want to work on your business, not work in your business as much as humanly possible. The best way to do so is to actually outsource your package deliveries in Singapore.

When you outsource your E-commerce package deliveries and distribution to a dependable courier company, you’re essentially offloading all the hassles that you would face had you engaged your own deliveryman or delivered the goods yourself while still maintaining the ability and time to focus on scaling your business. Additionally, it would be much cheaper to engage a courier company for your E-commerce distribution in Singapore, as vehicle leasing costs can be quite expensive in Singapore. Once again, all these costs are also minimal if you were to engage courier services.

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