Are you suited for a career in logistics?

A career in the logistics industry is not for everyone. Everyone will have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is vital that their strengths complement the job requirements. Everyone will definitely be able to excel in some jobs but not the others. Therefore, consider the following points if you want to evaluate whether you are cut out for a career in logistics.

Firstly, determine the job position in the logistics industry. Are you looking for delivery jobs in Singapore? Or perhaps you are looking for an administrative position in the logistics industry? Otherwise, you may be looking at a logistics operations supervisor role? Different roles will require different skill sets. For instance, you will need to be physically fit to be able to manage the daily deliveries around Singapore as a delivery driver and mover. On the other hand, if you are a logistics operations supervisor, you will need to be analytical and meticulous so that you will be able to streamline the operation processes and manage the day-to-day operations well.

Secondly, are you a person who likes routine work or likes a more fast-paced and challenging work environment. The logistics industry is fast-paced. Some people may think that being a delivery driver is boring due to the routine deliveries. That is not true. Incidents will happen everyday. For example, traffic conditions or last minute instructions from the customers will make everyday feel different and entertaining. If you are satisfied with routine work life, then delivery jobs are not for you.

Thirdly, will you be satisfied with the stable but average income working in the logistics industry. Unlike other industries such as Finance or Real Estate, working in the logistics industry gives you a more average payout. You cannot expect your salaries to be as much as bankers for instance. However, your rice bowl will be rather solid and stable. If you think that you will not be satisfied working in the logistics industry, then you should consider the other industries.

Consider my three points above carefully to find out whether you are cut out for the logistics industry. A career choice is an important decision.

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