Should You Hire Deliverymen or Engage Courier Services?

As a business manager in the busy business environment in Singapore, you must have had your fair share of decisions to make, and hiring deliverymen would probably be one of them as well.

With that said, I offer you another alternative – to engage local Singapore courier services instead of hiring an in house deliveryman.

  • When you engage courier services whenever you need them, you will not need to worry about mundane issues like leave schedule, salary payments for the deliverymen e.t.c. All these worrying will instead be pushed to the local courier company in Singapore, and you only receive the benefits without any of the (mental) costs.
  • It is actually much cheaper to engage courier services in Singapore than it is to allocate your company’s budget to hiring a deliveryman instead. This is especially the case if your company’s delivery volume fluctuates drastically from month to month. You would be saving a lot of money on the months that you deliver lower volumes, and even on the months with higher volume, you would still be saving money because courier companies in Singapore usually charge lower prices per item delivery if you have a higher volume for that particular month. You simply get the best of both worlds by engaging a courier company.
  • Your deliveryman may only be required to work on Mondays to Fridays. Therefore, if you have an urgent delivery required on a weekend, you may find it hard pressed to get your deliveryman to perform the service required. In such a situation, some courier companies like PCA Masters and Regent will still perform weekend courier services in Singapore. Since you’re already going to be engaging companies like PCA Masters for night or weekend deliveries, you may as well just engage them right from the start. Additionally, you still get the benefits that I have raised up in the previous two paragraphs.

With all that said, my conclusion for you is that you should engage courier services instead. Simply partner a good Singapore courier company eg

PCA Masters
Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
Call them at: 6681 5781

and you will be able to utilize and leverage their abilities to your company’s advantage too!

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